Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is Unwired Labs?

Unwired Labs is a small company doing big things in the Geolocation space. Our primary offering is a service that reliably locates mobile devices based on Cell Towers, WiFi networks and IP addresses – i.e. convert that information to latitude and longitude.

Whats our billing / registered address?

Plot 128, Prashashan nagar, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana, INDIA - 500033

What are our contact numbers (both sales and technical)?

  • India: +91-40-6658-8335

  • USA: +1-424-354-3010

What products does Unwired Labs offer?

  • LocationAPI – Get a connected device's location based on cell towers, WiFi and IP address

  • LocationIQ – Get a list of the cell towers and WiFi networks in a particular area for coverage and research purposes

How many employees?

Unwired Labs is run by 10 really smart (and sometimes witty) geeks! Get in touch here if you want to work at a great place doing challenging & different things each day.

What is your turnover?

We are a privately held company, and we do not disclose financial details.

Who are UL's customers and partners?

When it comes to customers and partners, we have been very lucky! We are proud to work with everyone from Fortune 500 companies to industry leaders to companies just starting up.

What are your SLAs?

We aim to reply to every query within one business day. We also offer dedicated support plans for our enterprise customers.


What is the LocationAPI?

LocationAPI allows connected devices to locate themselves without the need for GPS. Using cell towers and/or WiFi information, LocationAPI returns a location for your device in milliseconds.

How does LocationAPI work? Features?

When you access our API with Cell ID/WiFi data from your mobile device, we use complex algorithms and reliable data about physical location of Cell Towers and WiFi Access Points to return an accurate location. If we are successful - and we are over 98.6% of the time - we hit you back with a latitude and longitude along with an accuracy estimate.

How do I use LocationAPI? Which software can I integrate it with?

LocationAPI is a simple web service that you can integrate with pretty much any web-enabled application! Refer to our documentation for code samples.

What devices does it support?

Any device that has cellular or WiFi connectivity can use LocationAPI to locate itself.

What's our coverage for X operator / carrier?

Contact us here for more information.

Can you provide sample data for location X?

Sure, drop us a note here with your requirement.

What level of accuracy / error do we offer?

The more cell towers or WiFi access points that your device can detect, the better your accuracy will be. The median accuracy of locations we return for cell towers in urban centers is 450 meters and 3000 meters in rural areas. For WiFi access points, the accuracy is within 10 to 30 meters.

What pricing options do we offer?

  • Device subscriptions – Our most economical and flexible plan - pay as you grow and get unlimited requests per device!

  • Monthly subscriptions – you are allocated a number of requests each day (starting at 1k requests per day)

  • Prepaid top ups – in case you need a set quantity of requests that don't expire

How does per-device pricing work?

It’s simple, just pay a low monthly/yearly fee for each device you have in the field! The best part is, your devices can make unlimited requests to our LocationAPI!

How do we get our data?

Over the past few years, we have built one of the world’s largest databases of cell towers and Wi-Fi access points. We’ve been able to do this by sourcing reliable data from multiple GPS companies, manual harvests, war driving apps and other third parties.

How often is our database updated?

Every second! Our database is constantly updated in real time with new locations coming in from millions of contributing devices.

Do we support indoor positioning?

Our service works indoors and anywhere your devices can get a cell signal or detect WiFi networks!


Which plan works best for me? Monthly, prepaid, per-device?

Our sales team will gladly help you find the most suitable plan.

What are the payment modes?

Paypal and Bank transfers

Are there any discounts?

We offer 10% discounts on annual subscriptions.

Can I easily cancel my subscription and get a refund?

Of course! We will refund pro-rata for any unused balance.

What if I cross the requests limit?

No worries! You can always upgrade to the next tier by writing to us. One of us will also get in touch with you if you reach your limit to discuss options.